Consulting Services

Team Splendid Shapes is specialized in all consulting services of a project from design, planning, estimating, constructing and management. We believe in value for money and hence, strive to provide complete, precise and most cost effective solutions. We design and build timely with the aim of maintaining best relationship with our valuable clients. With Splendid Shapes at your service you can indeed build your dreams into reality.


Project Management

We handle our every project like its our first and keep a vigilant eye to make sure cost, time and quality relationship is maintained till the very end. Following the schedule and eliminating cost overruns is our specialty trait.

Residential Architecture

All projects start from the drawing board. We at Splendid Shapes take your ideas and dreams on the drawing board and bring out the best version of your idea with 2D and 3D drawings.

Interior Design

At Splendid Shapes Design Studio we design and build a place which truly expresses the requirements of our clients. We provide creative design ideas to the clients which are so innovative and original, that one just can’t afford to miss them.

Paint and Drywall Estimates

We have a separate department of experts to take care for all the paint and dry wall cost estimation. Each client we serve ears premium service coupled with quality project estimation at affordable pricing.

Loan Staff

Hiring temporary staff is a great short-term way to meet demands at busy times and is more cost effective than hiring permanent staff. We offer skilled and experienced team who prefer the flexibility of temporary work and can bring immediate value to your company.

Commercial Flooring Estimates

A project’s budget is the heart of it. With our expert team; we are specialized in providing quality estimates for floor finish quantities. Team Splendid Shapes is a maestro in commercial flooring estimation with years of experience in estimating large scale and condominium projects.


Shaping the Future

Splendid Shapes is founded with a vision to be the first global consultant company. With our team spread over various countries it is always easy to reach out to us. Splendid Shapes is not just a regular company but being the first of its kind offering complete services in one place with all done by experts of their field and it is all available under your budget.

Let’s Build Something

Leave us a message here or contact on our email so we can start building your dream.